Surface Protection and Greening of Slopes

in Landscaping and Traffic Route Engineering

HasTec KGW 400

Surface protection and erosion control of slopes with HasTec KGW 400. Fixing with nails of wood or steel (2-4 pieces per m2). Need of exact fixing in the overlapping and boundary areas for good foundation. Trench building on the slope crest for anchoring the fiber blankets. Suitable seeds be carried out by hand- or hydroseeding after placing the blankets.


Immediate surface protection. HasTec KGW 400 endures until the vegetation takes over stabilization. It implicates higher structural safety and reduction of soil loss. Permeable to water and air.


immediate surface protection
residue-free biodegradable
durability up to 5 years
installation possible all over the year
permeable to water
permeable to air


greening of embankments
slope construction
surface soil protection
erosion control and protection of vegetation on flat embankments
garbage deposits
ski pistes
wind and water protection of low-angled areas