Profile to Seperate Different Areas in Horticulture

Viaflex: Clean Lines and Contours in Landscape Design

Limiting line proifle for highest requirements in quality, design and stability.
Viaflex restraint system is built for various applications in horticulture.
It keeps terrace- and walkway-plates, stone pavement, grass pavers, gravel and crushed stones grounded and provides the necessary stability.
Ambitous design of green roofs and clean speration of different materials is enabled by Viaflex. Therefore Viaflex is applicable from developing high-quality parkways up to simple contours in private gardens.

Viaflex Restraint System

  • height of profile: 97 mm and 150 mm
  • interconnected, structured profile
  • simple shaping to curves, circles and free forms for custom designs
  • timesaving installation
  • high stability
  • permanent corrosion-resistant
  • accurate and clean image
  • low maintenance input