Flat Roof

Polymerbitumen Membranes - Application in Torch on Technology

Polybond and Polybond grey are high performance roofing membranes.
Compound from Polypropylene, bitumen and additives, with reinforcement from nonwoven fibers. Membrane with high tensile strength, resistant against high temperature to realize high performance waterproofing layers.

Quality checks are arranged by intern and extern institutions. All membranes are produced under NAT method (No Aging Technology).


  • flat roofs
  • green roofs
  • terraces, balconies
  • basement walls
  • roof restoration

Polymer membranes (APP)

Polybond 4 4,0 mm talc sand/Polyflam
Polybond 5 5,0 mm talc sand/Polyflam
Polybond 4,5 grey 4,0 mm mineral slates/Polyflam
Antiradice 4 4,0 mm talc sand/Poyflam root resistant FLL
Cold flexibility -15° Celsius