Net systems

Effective anti bird control nets

Permanent anti bird control

Keep off birds from landing and nesting on facades, moldings, window sills, beams, etc. Pollution of inner courtyards by bird excrements are unhygienic and cause negative appearances. Installation of bird control nets to avoid bird-induced pollution. Without attracting attention this system is highly effective and doesn’t harm birds. It is a precaution to avoid birds remaining at appealing places. Different mesh sizes lead to different application areas and therefore relevant bird species.

ECO synthetic grid

synthetic grid, diagonal tied
colour: beige – stone coloured
mesh size: 50 x 50 mm / 19 x 19 mm
package: 10 x 10 m / 5 x 5 m

Cintoflex synthetic grid extruded

Cintoflex D
synthetic grid extruded
UV-resistant, colour: black
mesh size: 22 x 35 mm
roll size: 2,0 x 100 m


steel plugs Inox or galvanized M6
cable clamp
Inox or galvanzied
Eco Inox steel wire 2 mm
for substructure installation
for installation of bird control net, grid ca. 2,0 / 2,0 m
rolls per 100 m
Inox or galvanized M5
clamp sleeve


Hog ring tool G7
P7 caliper for easy installation of bird control net
multifunctional usable special caliper
Hog rings SR8GBPL
galvanized wire, fit to P7 special caliper
package per 2.500 pieces





Hog ring tool ZA B14
special caliper for fast and easy installation of bird control net
Hog rings KL B14
steel wire rings with zinc-aluminzum coating,
suitable for ZA B14
box per 2.500 pieces
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