Spike systems

Various spike systems allow special adaptions to the environment.

Stainless steel spikes on polycarbonat base

Anti bird systems are a permanent solution to keep off birds from landing and nesting on facades, moldings, pubic transportation stations, rain gutter, etc. Polluted surfaces from bird excrements are unhygienic and cause negative appearances.
Anti bird spikes are a precaution to avoid birds remaining on attractive surfaces. The system doesn’t harm birds.
V-shaped formation on a polycarbonate basement. Fixing on subsurface with silicon adhesive, adhesive sealant, double-sided adhesive tape or mechanical fixing.
Different spike systems induce special fitting on surroundings and therefore relevant bird species.

ECO rain gutter clips

No adhesion or riveting necessary.
Elements fixed with ECO rainwater gutter clips can be rearranged easily.

usage: 6 pieces per m1
package per 100 pieces

Multiflex 130 adhesive sealant

Multiflex 131 silicone adhesive is a closed cell silicone sealant. Odorless and abrasion-resistant. Multiflex 131 is a silicone rubber compatible with a variety of paint systems. The material is highly abrasion-proof and does not leave any streaks. Subsurface has to be free of dust, fat and oil. Pre-tests have to be done. Product is not suitable for tarry and bituminous subsurfaces.

package: cartridges per 310 ml
box per 20 cartridges

Technical dates bird spikes

Type ECO 307 ECO 308 ECO 304
ECO 311 ECO 306
Articlenumber 0307 0308 0304 0311 0306
rows 1 2 3 4 5
width (mm)
20 60 90 155 155
cover width (mm) 50 160 190 255 255
length per piece (cm) 50 50 50 50 50
packing unit m1 100 100 50 50 50


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