wire systems

Barely visible system for bird control

ECO Wiresystem

Anti bird systems are a permanent solution to keep off birds from landing and nesting on facades, moldings, window sills, beams, etc. Polluted surfaces from bird excrements are unhygienic and cause negative appearances.
The ECO wire system is barely visible and doesn’t harm birds. It is a precaution to avoid birds remaining on attractive surfaces.
The system is based on experiences that birds cannot find permanent foothold on thin wire cables. Wire cables are installed in a height in which birds cannot land in between or stay underneath.

System accessory

Posts tense the wire cables, fixed on synthetic basement. Variation of tension possible with springs. Fixing the cables with ferrules.

Adhesive sealant 640

For adhesion of basements
Adhesive sealant is a neutral 1-component adhesive, consists of MS-Polymer. High starting adhesion and fast hardening causes high weather resistance. Adheres on wet surfaces and can be coated with water-based paints, Odorless, free of solvents, silicone and isocyanides. Subsurface has to be free of dust, fat and oil. Pre-tests have to be done.

cartridge per 310 ml
box per 20 cartridges

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