Hydraulic construction KGW700

Erosion control for bank protection on rivers and ponds.

Aquasol KGW 700

Protection of banks of standing and flowing waters. Erosion control mats are placed in the zone of mean-flow conditions. Fixing is done by wooden stakes or steel nails.

Mode of action

Instant surface protection! Aquasol KGW700 lasts until the shore vegetation completly takes over the surface stabilization.
Water and air permeability prevent waterlogging.
The removal or washing out of fine parts and seeds is reduced and the stability positively influenced.

  • instant surface protection
  • greened shoreline
  • 100% biodegradable
  • durability up to 5 Jahre
  • installation possible all over the year
  • permeable to water
  • permeable to ai

hydraulic engineering, fixing shore lines of running and stagnant water, development of marsh areas in accordance with the location, protection of: undercut slope/ slip-off slope/ steep bank, high tide dykes, scour, low tide areas, sediments, vegetation


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