Landscaping KGW400

Erosion control for embankments in landscaping and road construction.

Aquasol KGW 400

Geotextiles made of natural fibres consist of 100% biodegradable raw materials and protect subsoil from wind and water erosion. To secure the surface, the areas are covered with Aquasol coconut fabrics. Fixing is done with wooden stakes or steel nails.
Greening is done by hand or hydroseeding with suitable mixtures.

Mode of action

Instant surface protection! Aquasol KGW400 lasts until the vegetation completly takes over the surface stabilization.
Water and air permeability prevent waterlogging.
The removal of fine parts and seeds is reduced and the stability positively influenced.

  • instant surface protection
  • 100% biodegradable
  • durability up to 5 Jahre
  • installation possible all over the year
  • permeable to water
  • permeable to air

greening of embankments, slope construction, surface soil protection on slopes, erosion control and protection of vegetation on flat embankments, land fills, ski pistes, wind and water protection on low-angled areas.


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