Aquasol Green Track

Grass paver system for stabilized tow lift tracks

Green Track for tow lifts

Aquasol Green Track stabilizes tow lift tracks for mountain bikers. Honeycombed structure made of recycled PP protects the track from deep trenches and other erosive damage.

  • natural infiltration of surface water
  • pre-assembled delivery (1m in one step!)
  • stable structure due to reinforced comb-constrution
  • easy transportation (0,9 kg/plate)
  • reduced erosion
  • prevents deep trench and track development
  • good growing condition and root development
  • grass element over 80%
  • Recycling PP

Grass Paver Substrate

Substrates for grass paver systems have to meet special requirements. Areas build with grass paver systems represent extremly dry locations. Therefore, the substrate should have sufficient water storage capacity.

Content: compost, loamy sand, crushed bricks 2/4. Sieving 15mm

The high proportion of compost ensures a very good supply of nutrients. Addition fertilization could be necessary after 1-2 years.

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